Abbott's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Flood Restoration

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Flood Restoration

At Abbott's, we use HydraMaster's TruckMount Carpet Cleaning System ®. The RX-20 Rotary Cleaning System provides the best agitation and extraction. It applies the power of five men simultaneously cleaning, returning the carpet fibers to a like-new fluffy condition.

The Choice is Yours

HydraMaster Equipped Truckmount Cleaning System

A rotary scrubber provides good agitation, but lack of extraction can overwet and damage carpet.

A scrub wand provides good extraction, but forward and backward cleaning action depends on manual labor, operator strength and endurance.

The RX-20 Rotary Cleaning System combines the power of both cleaning tools, making it easier and faster to restore carpet color and resiliency, all in a one step process. Its five powerful cleaning heads rotate over the carpet, flushing and removing deeply embedded soil from all sides of the carpet fiber. Rotary action actually flushes and then simultaneously removes all bacterial laden soil through over 450 hot water injections and extractions per minute.

With the RX-20 Rotary Cleaning System, your carpet will regain its natural resiliency and will have a freshly washed appearance. Traffic lanes you once thought impossible to clean will be restored, giving you the freedom to rearrange your furniture.

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Abbott's Cleaning is not affiliated with HydraMaster Corporation in any way other than as an owner and avid user of HydraMaster's products. At Abbott's, we believe that HydraMaster offers the best products on the market to clean and restore carpets and flooring.